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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hoppy Birthday Porter!

Last Tuesday I went back in for surgery and had the left foot worked on. I am half way done at this point! Only 4 more months. So what are my plans a week and a half after major foot surgery? I am going camping with Porter and a bunch of our friends for his 30th birthday. Yeah the doctor didn't think it was that great of a plan either. Porter's birthday theme is beer. Imagine, huh? Before surgery I put together some sausage patties using some different beer reductions. For a breakfast sausage I used a mix of Bar Harbor Blueberry and Rouge Mocha Porter. For a dinner sausage I used Allagash White. We brewed a special beer just for Porter's birthday and we call it B to the (3-0). It stands for a Belgian triple with some number play to show that he is 30. I know it's pretty cheesy but I can't help it. Well the house is a buzz with Porter trying to pack and I feel like I should at least give a supporting role in this project. I will let you all know about the wonderful beers we try this weekend.

Happy Birthday Porter. I love you.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Long Time Gone

A brief catch up: Beer vacation didn't happen due to lack of funds. I got a job that starts in August so now hopefully beer vacation will happen before the end of summer. I have been to two Southern Maine Beer Drinkers meetings. I got to talk to the brewer of the new Baxter Brewing. I have given up the crutches for the right foot but I am headed back into surgery tomorrow. I have had some really great beer and have plans for an additional page for this blog to put my ratings on. And finally what brought me back to blogging: A Friday night out at 3 Dollar Deweys.
Last Friday, Porter and I went to 3 Dollars for a tasting of the new to us St. John's Brewers' offerings. I say new to us because Shipyard has been brewing the Virgin Island beers and sending them out for years. Due to Maine distribution laws and such it took the brewers five years to decide to let us give it a try. But, now that it is here, it is a decent choice for summer time. Porter had the IPA and thought it was a solid one. Nothing too special or surprising, the hops don't give you that dryness in the back of your mouth but it was a good example of an entry level IPA. Their Tropical Mango scores a C- on but I thought it was much better than that. The first half of my first pint was a little plain. By the time I got into the second half I was hooked. I think it would be perfect for a hot day say sitting on St. Johns or perhaps at the lake here in Maine. After I had a chance to taste the beer I got to meet the brewers. They went to school in Vermont and are pretty cool. If you are ever down on St John's be sure to stop by and say hi. After meeting them I met Alan Pugsley.
After leaving 3 Dollar Deweys, we went up to Local Sprouts. I was so impressed by the place. The food was great, the beer selection is small but decent, the ambiance is nice. Porter and I went back Sunday morning for breakfast and while it was a whole lot less busy it was still going steady and the breakfast sandwiches were delicious. I recommend that you try it. Also give St. John Brewers a try too. Don't give up on it too quickly, sit relax and let it wash over you, then decide what you think.
Time to get some stuff done before my left foot gets all casted up.
Don't forget to try something new, you might just like it!
Katy Too