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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Number of Short Stories:

This post seems to be a long time coming. I was planning on writing at the end of last weekend, but I had multiple things that I wanted to add to this post. I was hoping that I would go into surgery and that I would come out being able to type and get them online shortly after. Needless to say, surgery was much harder than I expected. Between Monday and now, I have felt all kinds of horrible. So much so that I am dictating this post to Porter so that it comes off as at least somewhat coherent.

So on to the short stories:

No Boogiemen Here

Most basements you go into are dark and scary and make strange noises. Ebenezer’s basement is more like a beer geek’s heaven. Chris (The owner) showed Porter and I, another couple, and what seemed to be a groupie his wonderful basement. He showed us beer specifically made for Princess Dianna and Prince Charles. We saw on bottle that cost over $1,800. There were numerous other rare and expensive bottles as well. Some aged over twenty years. After Chris showed us all of his treasures, he spent twenty minutes talking about his passion. If Porter and I hadn’t already loved beer, Chris would have made sure we did.

The Not-So Scary Cellar

From the first time I went to Novare Res I’ve called it the cave. In not so recent times, my taste in beer was minimal. I considered Novare Res as a place with a very nice porch, expensive beer, and hot , dark setting for their actual bar. I didn’t understand it. I Saturday some people convinced me to give it another try( I’m a sucker for chocolate pairings). Porter and I met up with Porter’s brother Peanut and Peanut’s girlfriend Amber. We had an easy time ordering despite the fact there was not an empty seat to be had. With my new appreciation for beer I truly enjoyed myself. While I’m still slightly scared of their frequent tasting program(Once you’ve drank a certain number of beers you get a key to open a locked room where they keep your chalice), I’m excited to go back again.

A Ride on the Eastern Wave

Okay, I know it’s a cheesy title, but remember I am on pain medicine. After hitting up Novare Res, Penaut, Amber, Porter and I walked down to Ri Ra’s Irish Pub to listen to local Reggae band East Wave Radio. I had never heard them played before, but Peanut and Porter spoke highly of them, so I was expecting some good times and I wasn’t disappointed. Being a chain, Ri Ra’s isn’t a place I would normally go, but EWR made it a great venue to spend my last night out on two feet. We were pleasantly surprised to find some local brews and a few nice regional craft beers as well. We have already planned on going to see East Wave Radio again (If you haven’t already heard them play, I recommend you do). We will also be keeping an eye out for upcoming bands playing at Ri-Ra’s.

(P.S.: To Brian from Nappi Distributors my email address is

And our final story: Valentines Fishes and Chocolate Kisses

I wanted to make a wonderful dinner for Porter for Valentine’s Day especially considering I would not be able to cook anything for quite some time. I borrowed a couple recipes from the Homebrew Chef. The IPA Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Stout Chocolate Truffles were AAmazzing! With the potatoes I prepared seared tuna and scallops and pepper-stuffed steak. We paired the whole meal with our own home brewed Sweetheart Red. The total effect was delicious. As for Valentines gifts I gave Porter some gallon jugs so he could cool the water for our home brews. He gave me chocolate covered strawberries in the form of beer. (Chocolate Stout and Strawberry Beer) I haven’t gotten to try it yet as I have been feeling so bad since I received it.

I will get my reviews up of everything shortly. I just wanted to make sure I got this post up so I didn’t keep you all waiting. Thanks for understanding. New post much sooner this time I promise.

As a side note: I am trying to make a name for myself as a blogger. I talked to The Beer Wench and she gave me some good advice. If anyone else has some advice I would love to hear it. Please besure to hit me up. You can find me on facebook under Katy Too or The Great Beer Adventure and on twitter too @KTBeerAdventure. Thanks everyone!

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