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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ice Bar

Beer Selection: As Shipyard was a sponsor of the event it was the only beer being served outside at the ice bars. There could have been different beers being served inside at the full bar but I can’t be certain of this as I didn’t visit it.

Atmosphere: We had a forty minute wait before we were allowed to get in. Once inside we discovered it to be quite crowded and the music was playing extremely loudly.

Service: The staff seemed to be nice enough. There was no one in the beer line so that was nice. The martini line was ridiculous; it would have probably taken over a half hour just to get to the front of the line. One gripe I have would be that the security guard, who was nice, let extra people jump in line instead of making them stand in line like all of the rest of us.

Food Quality: While there was food provided for “free” (there was a $10 entrance fee) it was extremely limited. The only food that was of quality was provided by a local restaurant called Denny Mikes.

Price: The prices were about what you would expect for a bar, possibly a bit more. For a novelty type event it was reasonable.

Overall: As a novelty bar goes it was pretty good. I enjoyed the experience but will not be going again next year. I didn't give it a bar stool rating as I felt it wouldn't be exactly fair to rate a novelty bar.

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