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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tremont Nor’easter Winter Ale

(Brewed and bottled by Shipyard Brewing Comp)

Appearance: It is a dark amber color and quite clear. I would say slightly lighter than a cola.

Aroma: There were no distinct smells that I could pick up, just a general beer smell and I have a really great nose!

Taste: There was a burst of hops and it was quite spritzy, almost biting. I wondered if perhaps it was because it was too cold and the winter flavors weren’t able to come out. I let the beer “breath” and tried it again. While some of the hop taste went away no additional flavors emerged.

Mouth feel: This beer sits neither heavy nor light on the tongue. It has just a moderate feel.

Overall: I would say it might be a nice summer beer. It can be served quite cold without diminishing any of its taste.

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